My creative practice is broad and I work on a wide variety of projects taking a range of approaches.

If there is a single thread to all that I create it is an aspiration to surround people with sensitively created, beautiful and curious built land and city scapes.

This is underpinned by a deeply held belief that our everyday environment can have a profound effect on our sense of well being and our place in the world.I am excited by the potential of the public realm, the opportunity to affect a diverse audience in unexpected ways; the opportunity to create moments of suprise, intrigue and connection.

The public realm is a theatre upon which all life unfolds.
The private realm is our refuge, our personal opportunity for expression and often the museum of our lives.

The materiality of these realms form the stage sets of of our lives/existence.

This website presents 15 years of practising as an artist across a number of commissions and roles. My focus is within the public realm, I am familiar with all elements of working within design teams both client side and developer side.

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