• Hebburn

    Hebburn is continuing.

    I am currently collecting objects, images and stories from the community which will become 20 individual miniature museums of the everyday placed within the library on the bookshelves.  

  • Pontio Students Union Shortlist

     Working collaboratively with Mark Collett, we were selected to put forward a proposal for Bangor Students Union

    The concept proposed a kit of design rules to create a unified space with a multitude of possibilities. We designed a number of different shapes units that could be combined in various ways to transform the space and support a variety of activities.

  • A Timepiece for St Marys

     ‘A Timepiece for St Mary’s ‘ is a large pendulum suspended from the main atrium wall.

    The pendulum is elegant, made form polished brass and suspended on the end is a star from which a rainbow is projected as the pendulum swings.

    Rainbow 3
  • St Marys College

     I have been awarded a commission for St Mary's College , Hull , for their BSF scheme. Its only just started so I'm fact finding and thinking, but there is a lot of outside space and options for notions of signage (through the school but perhaps also through life..), I keep thinking about wind powered signs, with optical illusions , such as the image here.

  • Change

    Whilst re-filing some of my recent work I came across these images from the Redcar project. In the end the client decided not to use them but not wanting them to be resigned to archived commission file forever I thought I’d put them on here first.

  • Hebburn Town Centre

    I spent some time in Hebburn yesterday, finding my way into a new project...the opportunity to be involved with the new hub kicking of a larger regeneration project. This building will see a new pool, a new library and community facilities. I'm interested in peoples stories, I’m interested in the stories that tattoos tell.

  • Newcastle Cathedral

    St Margaret’s Chapel is going to get a renovation and I have been selected as the artist to go forward with design and consideration of a number of elements. We hope to replace 1 or 2 of the windows, the altar, the lighting, some seating, candle holders, screen, donation box and prayer desk; its a comprehensive project.

  • 'One Thing'

    Also part of the propsal outlined on the previous post,  this sculpture is for an internally lit bronze recreation of the Pitman Painters studio where they created their paintings.


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