A Timepiece for St Marys

 ‘A Timepiece for St Mary’s ‘ is a large pendulum suspended from the main atrium wall.

The pendulum is elegant, made form polished brass and suspended on the end is a star from which a rainbow is projected as the pendulum swings.

A complete rainbow is never viewed , but the arc of the pendulum is marked by the array of light colours and the minds eye creates the rainbow as it swings.

The pendulum swings rhythmically and constantly, reminding us of time passed and the passing of every moment yet it does not tell the actual time. This is about the past and the present and by association the future.

The Rainbow projection speaks of something that we can see but never touch, of light made visible, of ethereal beauty. It is a spiritual suggestion. a link between heaven and earth.

The pendulum is also suggestive of catholic ritual and celebration as it references the use of the thurible during ceremonies.

The star represents The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and the Queen of Heaven is crowned with twelve stars [Apoc. 12:1]. One star is a symbol of the Virgin in her title 'Stella Maris,' Star of the Sea.

Rainbow 3
Rainbow 5
St Mary's model
St Mary's view