Butterfly Effect

Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Braunstone Leisure centre, Leicester
Leicester City Council
S and P Architects

Created from manipulated imagery collected from the locality where it is placed ‘Butterfly Effect’ is a large scale drawing (260 square meters) screen printed onto the glazed elevation of Braunstone swimming pool. 

The piece integrates aspects of the simplicity and honesty of natural imagery, as well as extracting pattern, form and colour from the built environment around the site.

The repetition and symmetry in this work touches upon both the notion of symmetry within nature and also an ideal of symmetry and equality within society. There is an intrigue when unexpected shapes appear in the repeated imagery .

When lit by sunlight the interior is flooded with coloured light and animated shadows. When viewed from outside the work integrates with the refection of the trees on the side and it is hard to see where the piece begins and finishes.

Finally, this is a piece about change. It was inspired by images taken from trees, poised on the edge of seasonal change. Unexpected visual changes occur and new dimensions are created when images are repeated. This work through its repetition and symmetry is reminiscent of the butterfly. The concept of a butterfly signifies the idea of change, metamorphosis, development and freedom.