Commissioned by the Crown Estates for Broad Street, Worcester.

August 2010
18 Broad Street, Worcester
Crown gate Estates, Made

A flock of birds appear to have landed on the building, at first it appears that the birds are congregated around a reflective dish which is animated as clouds move across the sky. On second glance more birds can be seen in less obvious locations, some have left the building altogether and are watching the group from a small distance away.

The birds are an intriguing mix, some appear to be real, common British birds that can be seen in any garden, robins, crows, and pigeons etc however mixed into the crowd there are stranger birds taken from more from the realms of fantasy. These birds are at times highly coloured, glinting with jewels, painterly and ornamental. Some contain references to retail and material desire, wind up mechanisms to suggest escapism, pattern and cloth swatches for fashion and so on.

From a distance the reflective disc is the main focal point, changing as the sky changes, different every day. At night the birds are highlighted as a gentle lighting scheme picks out individual birds and the reflective disc. The work is both strangely silent and tranquil as these beautiful birds remain frozen for ever for everybody to enjoy, however the sky keeps moving and changing bringing life to the work.

The birds are painted bronze cast from real birds and the dish is polished stainless steel.