Conversation Piece

All Manner of Things
All Manner of Things

“Business is conversation because the defining work of business is conversation-literally. And the ‘knowledge workers’ are simply those people whose job consists of having interesting conversations”
Christopher Locke

“It is through real conversation that we learn to see and overcome our myopia”

Completed June 06
Springboard business centre
Hambleton district council
Mcdowell Benedetti

This installation has been created as a monument to conversation and the importance that it has in our lives. Despite the multitude of ways to communicate in a contemporary society, conversation remains the most basic and fundamental form of communication. These works pay tribute to the beauty of the simplest form of communication.

Sound bytes were collected and turned into a variety of visualizations. The images record intonation, modulation, flow, density and length of the sound byte. A spoken moment in time has literally been extracted and frozen forever within each drawing. In turn these drawings have been cast, carved, cut and etched into glass. The beauty and permanence of the medium is a mark of respect for the importance of these simple moments. The time each piece has taken to create, days in a kiln and days polishing to reveal to interior detailing, reminds us that the shortest of sentences can carry huge weight and consequence.

In some pieces the conversation drawing remains an exact copy of the original that could even be ‘read’ in thousands of years. In other pieces the heat of the kiln and the weight of the glass has dictated to the drawing and the conversation has taken on new twists and turns, new meanings.

As well as recording an individual moment in time these pieces are deliberately placed to punctuate the building. Some are to be found in more obvious locations whilst others hide, waiting to be discovered. Some have an impact of scale, whist others need a little more time and effort to reveal their details. Each piece of glass has a pair; an answer, a comment, an echo, a whisper. As they respond to each other in a silent conversation they create a narrative and a rhythm throughout the building.

Set within the context of Springboard the commissions responds to the ‘knowledge based industries’ by gently reminding that ‘conversation is a relationship, its the building of a relationship’ and still remains at the heart of all business.